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Children's Class Tuition & Rates

Aug. 5th - June 14th, Recital June 7th, 2020

Please be advised SDC requires all tuition to be paid through our Studio Director on line system. No tuition will be accepted at the studio office. Payments accepted are: Visa, Master Card, Discover, Credit or Debt.

SDC Kids classes 2019-2020 tuition & rates

Classes Per Week     &             Price Per Month      

1hr   Per Week              $   60.00 Per Month

1.5hr Per Week             $   84.00 Per Month

2hrs Per Week              $  110.00 Per Month

2.5hrs Per Week           $  135.00 Per Month

3hrs Per Week              $  156.00 Per Month

3.5hrs Per Week           $  175.00 Per Month

4hrs Per Week              $  188.00 Per Month

4.5hrs Per Week           $  207.00 Per Month

5hrs Per Week              $  220.00 Per Month 

5.5hrs Per Week           $  236.50 Per Month

6hrs Per Week              $  252.00 Per Month

6.5hrs Per Week           $  266.50 Per Month

7+ Per Week                 $  280.00 Per Month


Annual Registration fee

1 Child $35.00

2 or more children $55.00

When registering you will be charged the annual registration fee and your first month. If you have any questions please call the office 407-370-9411

Kids Hip Hop class at Spotlight Dance Center
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