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Dance Arts & Distance Learning

Coming This Fall

Dance Arts & Distance Learning for Ages 10 +

Spotlight Dance Center will be offering a full day dance & distance learning program for homeschoolers, and distance learning students enrolled in Florida Virtual and or Orange County Virtual School programs.   


If you're debating on sending your child back to school and are looking for a safe workspace for your child to learn outside of the home, our Dance Arts and Distance Learning Program (DADLP) may be just what you're looking for.  We will be offering a full day dance & distance learning program for ages 10-15years with a safe environment for tweens and teens to both dance and exercise and complete daily schooling through accredited online programs.


Students will be participating in various styles of dance classes each week furthering their dance arts education including but not limited to: daily exercise classes, strength and stretch classes and dance technique classes such as ballet, jazz, tap hip-hop and more.



Call or Email Spotlight Dance Center @ 321-287-7687 or

For more information and pricing

Young Ballerinas
Student Writing
Focusing at Work
Children in Yoga Class
Break Dance Crew

SDC's Dance Arts classes are available to the public as well   traditional Homeschoolers and other Virtual and Launch Ed School Students.  ​Our spacious facility allows for proper social distancing in a safe and inspiring environment while proving the gift of dance in the form of professional dance instruction to every student daily.  




Student Drop Off Times                                          8:00am-9:15am


Morning warmup Stretch                                        9:15am-9:25am   


Independent Online Schooling                               9:25am-10:25am  


       (5 minute break)


Independent Online School Work                          10:30am-11:30am


Exercise Class                                                       11:30am-12:00pm


Recess & /Lunch                                                   12:00pm-12:45pm


Independent Online School Work                          1:30pm-2:30pm


Daily Dance Class                                                  2:30pm-4:00pm


Independent Online Study time                             4:00pm- Pickup Time

(Students who complete all their online assignments for the day may participate in our "Teacher Assistance Program".  For more on the Teacher Assistance Program, speak to  Mr. Peter)

Daily Dance Schedule

Monday      -   Jazz

Tuesday     -   Ballet

Wednesday-   Hip Hop

Thursday    -   Tap

Friday         -   Musical Theater

(Flex Friday, Party Dances, Choreography)

(Schedule subject to change)



  •  4&5 Days a Week:  $150.00 Per Week /

       $600.00 Per Month

  •  3 Days a Week:  $137.00 Per Week /

       $550.00 Per Month

  •  2 Days a Week:  $125.00 Per Week /

      $500.00 Per Month


Reopening Orange County Public Schools

OCPS is committed to ensuring every student has a promising and successful future. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are required by the Commissioner of Education’s Emergency Order to open schools with safety measures in place for students and staff. We are also committed to providing options to parents and teachers.

The options that were discussed at a school board work session July 7 included: Face-to-Face (required by the state), Orange County Virtual (a franchise of Florida Virtual which has been available for several years), or OCPS LaunchED@Home (an innovative option that requires state approval).

Our plans remain fluid during these unprecedented times, but the School Board should vote on an innovative model on July 14. Parents and guardians are encouraged to review the choices to better understand what might be best for their family.

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