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Dimensions & Rates

Dance Studio for rental

Studios Floor plan

All Floors now have BLACK Marley





  • Extra Large Lobby

  • 2 Standard Upright Acoustic Piano

  • Snack Vending Machine

  • Drink Vending Machine (Water, Gatorade, Soda)

  • Water Fountain

  • Private Conference Room

  • Large Tables and Chair for auditions &/or Conferences

  • PA System with 12 channel mixer, 2 Power amp speakers, & One wireless handheld microphone. (additional $15.00 an hour fee)

  • Plenty of Parking

  • TV / VCR / DVD

Studio / Size         /            Rates per hr.   /


Rehearsal Rates

Studio 1 (Marley) 40 x 22               $35 per hr. (2hr. min)

Studio 1.5 (Marley) 18 x 14            $25 per hr. (2hr. min)

Studio 2 (Marley) 40 x 30               $45 per hr. (2hr. min)

​Studio 3/4 (Marley) 40 x 35            $55 per hr. (2hr. min)

​Studio 5 (Marley) 40 x 30               $45 per hr. (2hr. min)

Studio 6 (Marley) 25 x 25               $30 per hr. (2hr. min)

Upright Acoustic Piano                   $15 per hr. (2hr. min)

Please add a 1/2hr. - 1hr for setup and brake down if needed.

2 hr. rental minimum if renting on the weekends or during  9am-5pm during the week.

Audition Rates, Workshop Rates, & Private Class Rates

Add $10.00 per hr to the rates above

Please add a 1/2 - 1 hr for setup and brake down if needed.

Dance Team Rates

Add $5.00 per hr to the rates above

Please add a 1/2 - 1 hr for setup and brake down if needed.

Rentals specifically for photo and video shoots may be booked and may require additional fees depending on the time and size of the shoot.


* To Book a Studio, Payment must be made by cash or credit card prior to occupancy of the studio. Please stop at the front desk to pay for your rental otherwise your credit card will be charged. Full payment due prior to rental.

A 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect. Refunds will not be issued after less than 48 hrs.


To reserve a studio or for more information call: Peter Anthony at 321-287-7686 or email: